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    Master of Management Program, Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta 2005

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05/September-   Rp.0 STEKPI Referens 1. Influence of Employee Involvement in Totsl Poductive Maintenance Practices on Job Characteristics: The Malaysian Scenario/NASURDIN, Aizzat Mohd; JANTAN, Muhamad; PENG, Wong Wai; RAMAYAH. (key Words: core job dimensions; malaysia; manufacturing sector; total productive maintenance)

2. The Relationship among Customer Value, Satisfaction and Behavioral Intentions: A General Structural Equation Model/WAHYUNINGSIH. (key Words: behavioral intentions; customer value; satisfaction)

3. Psychological Contract Violation and Organizational Citizenship Behavior/OTHMAN, Rozhan; (key Words: emotional response; new psychological contract; organizational citizenship behavior; procedural justice; psychological contract violation)

4. The Existence of Equilibrium Assets Price Under Diverse Information/SARTONO, R. Agus. (key Words: diverse information; market dept and informed traders)

5. Knowledge as a Critical Resource in Innovation among Small Furniture Companies in Indonesia: An Exploration/INDARTI, Nurul; GEENHUIZEN, Marina van. (key Words: clutsers; developing economy; furniture industry; indonesia; innovation; knowledge sources; SMEs)

6. An Assessment of Microfinance Institution Performance: The Importance of Institutional Environment/ARSYAD, Lincolin. (key Words: financial performance; informal institutions; microfinance intitutions; outreachsustainability)
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05/May-August   Rp.0 STEKPI Referens 1. A Test of The Relationship among perceptions of justice, job Satisfaction, Affective Commitment and Organizational Citizenship Behavior/RIFAI, Harif Amali. (key words: age; "group-value" model; moderator; noninstrumental justice; organizational commitment)

2. Examining Information TechnologyAcceptance by Individual Professionals/DARSONO, Indahwati. (key words: individual differences; system characteristics; TAM (technology acceptance model); theory of planned behavior (TPB); TRA (theory of reasoned Action))

3. Investigating the Simultaneity of Corporate Hedging and Dept Policies: Empirical Evidance from Indonesia/SURYAWIJAYA; Iman S. (key words: currency derivatives; corporate hedging policy; dept policy)

4. Exploring the Linkages Between Deming's Principle, World-Class Company, Operational Excellence, and Company Performance in Oil and Gas Industry Setting/CIPTONO, Wakhid Slamet. (key words: company performance; deming's principles; operational excellence; wolrd-class company)

5. Balance Sheet Vulnerability and Macroeconomic Management in Indonesia/GOELTOM, Miranda S. (key words: adjustment and reform program; balance sheet vulnerability; economic crises (1997); indonesia flow of funds; macroeconomic management)
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05/January-Ma   Rp.0 STEKPI Referens 1. The Role of Noninstrumental Justice and Age in Predicting Organizational Commitment: Evidance from Malaysia/NASURDIN, Aizzat Mohd. (key words: age; "group-value" model; malaysia; moderator; noninstrumental justice; organizational commitment)

2. Trading Behavior and Asset Pricing under Heterogeneous Expectations/SARTONO, R. Agus. (key words: asset price behavior; cash flow innovations; heterogeneous expectations; informed traders; market dept)

3. Bankruptcy Prediction Model With Zeta Optimal Cut-off Score to Correct Type I Errors/IWAN, Mohamad. (key words: backrupty prediction; legal bankrupty; stock based insolvency; type I error; type II error; Zeta optimal cut-off score)

4. Do Income Smoothing Practices Explain the Lower Earnings-Price Ratio of Japanese Firms Compared to Those of the U.S. Firms?/KUSUMA, Indra Wijaya. (key words: earnings price ratio; income smoothing; japanese earnings adjustment; japanese firm; U.S. firm)

5. An Empirical Analisys of Cash Flow and Investment Fluctuations using Firm-Level Panel Data/ISMAIL, Abd. Ghafar; ISMAIL, Nur Azura. (key words: asymmetric information; dept financing; equity financing; investment)

6. Social and Environmental Reporting and Auditing in Indonesia: Maintaining Organizational Legitimacy?/BASAMALAH, Anies S; JERMIAS, Johnny. (key words: disclosures; evironmental and social auditing; legitimacy theory)
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04/September   Rp.0 STEKPI Referens 1. Intragroup Cooperation vs, Intragroup Competition: A Meta-Analysis Study./NA'IM, Ainun. (key words: intragroup competition; intragroup cooperation; meta-analysis; performance)

2. Perception of Proffesional Engineers toward Quality Worklife and Organizational Commitment: A Case Study./ZIN, Razali Mat. (key words: affective; continuance; normative; organizational commitment; professional engineers; quality of worklife)

3. The Effect of Job Embeddedness on Organizational Citizenship Behavior: Mediating Role of Sense of Responsibility./WIJAYANTO, B. Riwi; KISMONO, Gugup. (key words: altruism; community related sacrifice; fit to community; link to organization; job embeddedness; organizational citizenship behavior; organization related sacrifice; sense of responsibility)

4. Development and Validation of TQM Constructs: The Philippine Experience./TALAVERA, Ma. Gloria V. (key words: construct development; construct validation; integrated quality management system; reliability; TQM construct; TQM elements; validity)

5. The Preparedness of the Indonesian Garment Exporters in The Post-MFA Scenario: An Analysis from the Survey./SHIHAB, Muchsin; JAIN, Sudhir K. (key words: cloating; compliance issues; economic; exports; garments; Indonesia; MFA)

6. The Relationship Between Belief, Attitude, Subjective Norm, and Behavior towards Infant Food Formula Selection: The View of the Malaysian Mothers./RAMAYAH; (key words: attitude; behavior; belief; infant food formula; intention; malaysian mother; subjective norm; theory of reasoned action)

7. Interest Rate Policy, Inflation and Economic Growth: A Policy Evaluation of Indonesia 1969-1997./PERMONO, Iswardono Sardjono. (key words: banking regulation; econometrics; financial liberalization; financial reform; interest rate policy; monetary policy; PAKJUN, PAKTO)
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04/May   Rp.0 STEKPI Referens 1. The Influence of Firm Ecological Recruitment Advertisement on Organizational Attractiveness and Career Choices: An Experimental Research./JATMIKO, Pracoyo Budi. (key words: homogeneity test; job pursuit intention; organizational attractiveness; personal environmental stance; social desirability)

2. Business Location Decision and Business Success: A Case Study of Internet Cafe Business in Indonesia./INDARTI, Nurul. (key words: business location; business success; location factor; internet cafe; Indonesia)

3. Internet Access Practices and Employee Attitudes toward Internet Usage Policy Implementation in Selected Philippines Financial Institutions./SIMBULAN, Maria Sagrario R. (key words: acceptable use policy; appropriate use policy; AUP; internet use policy; IUP; internet access rights; internet access monitoring)

4. The Impact of the Tick Size Reduction on Liquidity: Empirical Evidance from Jakarta Stock Exchange./PURWOTO, Lukas; TANDELILIN, Eduardus. (key words: Jakarta Stock Exchange; liquidity; tick size)

5. Organizational and Personality Efeect on Managers' Job Stress: Is It Different for Malaysian Men and Women?./NASURDIN, Aizzat Mohd; RAMAYAH; KUMARESAN. (key words: gender; job stress; Malaysia; managers; moderating effects; organizational factors; personality traits)

6. Does Earnings Quality Moderate the Predictive Content of Nonoperating Income?/SUGIRI, Slamet. (key words: earnings quality; income smoothing; moderating; nonoperating income; predictive content)

7. Real Stock Prices and the Long-Run Money Demand Fuction in Malaysia: Evidance from Error Correction Model./ABDULLAH, Naziruddin; MADJID, M. Shabri Abd. (key words: error correction model (ECM); real stock prices; money demand)
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04/January   Rp.0 STEKPI Referens 1. Eletronic Commerce Success Model: A Search for Multiple Criteria./ACHJARI, Didi; QUADDUS, Mohammed A. (key words: electronic commerce; internet; lisrel; structural equation modeling)

2. The Development of Small and Medium Enterprises Clusters in Indonesia./TAMBUNAN, Tulus; SUPRATIKNO, Hendrawan. (key words: cluster; critical success factors; SMEs)

3. Some Challanges to the Enforcement of the Competition Law in Indonesia./MAARIF, Syamsul. (key words: competition law; competition policies; district courts; law enforcement; supreme courts)

4. The Effect of Political Power on Budget Monitoring: A Study of Fertilizer Industry in Indonesia./SYAKHROZA, Akhmad. (key words: budget; monitoring; organizational control; politics; rules)

5. The Recency Effect of Accounting Information./HARTONO, Jogiyanto. (key words: behavioral accounting; behavioral finance; behavioral market research; belief adjustment theory; Hogarth and einhorn; large firm bias; the recency effect; sequence of information; survivorship bias)

6. Time-Varying Beta and Volatility in the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange./IBRAHIM, Mansor H. (key words: augmented CAPM; beta risk; garchmarket volatility)

7. The Islamic Perspective on the Construction of Accounting Discipline./TRIYUWONO, Iwan. (key words: islamic perspective; modernism; postmodernism; shari'ah accounting)
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08/January-Ap   Rp.0 STEKPI Referens 1. Drivers of Merger Waves: A Revisit. /SOEGIHARTO. (key words: industry shocks; market misvaluations merger; merger waves)

2. A Study on Customer Satisfaction Across Information Search Behavior Typology. /WAHYUNINGSIH; TANAMAL, Johnny. (key words: consumer behavior typology; rational-active; relational-dependent; repeat-passive; satisfaction)

3. Shift in Pattern of Specialization: Case Studies of India and China. /WIDODO, Tri. (key words: comparative advantages; correlation; revealed symmetric comparative advantage)

4. Investment Horizon to Investment Decision and Mean Reversion: Indonesian Perspective. /JUNARSIN, Eddy; TANDELILIN, Eduardus. (key words: investment horizon; investment decision; mean reversion)

5. The 'Knowledge Gap' and 'Deficient Performance GAP' between Auditors and Corporate Managers: An Empirical Study in Malaysia. /LEE, Teck Heang; ALI, Azham Md. (key words: audit expectation gap; deficient performance gap; knowledge gap; malaysia)
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09/No. 1   Rp.0 Referens   1. Performance Implications of Environment-Strategy-Governance Misfit./LINDAWATI, Gani; JOHNNY, Jermias. (key words: business strategy; competititve environment; corporate governance; performance)

2. Market Mavenism: Its Contribution in Building Consumer's Trust./JOFI, Puspa: CONNY, Tjandra Rahardja. (key words: information exchange; knowlegde; market maven; trust -- word - of - mounth)

3. A Longitudinal Examination of Evironmental Reporting Practices in Malaysia./BAKHTIAR, Alrazi; MALIAH, Sulaiman; NIK, Nazli Nik Ahmad. (key words: content analysis; disclosure index; environmental reporting; malaysia; sosial issue life cycle theory)

4. The Behavior of Opening and Closing Prices: Noise and Overreaction./SUMIYANA. (Key words: closing price; noise; opening price; overeaction)

5. Fraudulent Financial Statement: Evidence from Statement on Auditing Standard No. 99./SUYANTO. (key words: financial statement frauds; fraud triangle; fraud risk factors; SAS 99)
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